Welcome to my journey!

First of all, a little bit about myself. My name is Albert, I’m 51 and I currently live in Barcelona.I have an internet marketing background and I’ve been working on online projects for around 20 years (if you want to know more check this link:about).

My new goal: try to become a famous artist, starting from zero. Sure thing, I’ve liked taking phtos since I was I child, but it’s been always just a hobby. What kind of artist I want to be?. I’m not sure yet. I’ll start with photography, but probably I’ll explore new artistic fields in the future. We’ll seee. It’s not gonna be a full-time endeavour, ’cause I’ll keep my 9 to 5 job. I know it’s gonna be a difficult challenge, but at least I hope to have fun along the way.

Do you want to follow my journey? Here you have some links:

– I’ll document the process with some diary type posts: Check them here: Journal

– You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook (if you want to friend me write a personal message), and Twitter (though I’m not very active there)

I’d love to have your feedback. Please leave a comment on this page.